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(Long i Sound, spelled i, i_e, y, igh, ey, uy)                                                                                            We will work on these in class all week and test on Friday (9/22)

  1. eyes            11. iron
  2. icicle          12. slight
  3. tight           13. tiny
  4. climb         14. higher
  5. umpire      15. shy
  6. highway    16. hire
  7. idea           17. buy
  8. flight         18. might
  9. cycle          19. reply
  10. fright         20. title

(Long e Sound, spelled ea, ee, ie)                                                                                            We will work on these in class all week and test on Friday (9/15)

  1. field              11. least
  2. lead              12. season
  3. speed           13. between
  4. believe         14. chief
  5. deal              15. steam
  6. piece            16. degree
  7. reach           17. reason
  8. breeze         18. brief
  9. speak           19. repeat
  10. agree           20. peach

Last call for BOOK ORDERS!  I sent home Scholastic book order flyers last week.  I’ve had a few parents submit an order online, but none return the paper order form.  If anyone wants to order books, please send it in tomorrow.  You can also order online at Our class code is: GQ27Z. I will submit our final order after school tomorrow. Thanks!

book orders

Don’t forget: There is no school on Monday for Labor Day!

August Reading Calendars were due today.  If you didn’t turn it in today, please try to send it next week.  September reading calendars are coming home today.  4th graders should be reading for 25 minutes each school day as part of his/her homework.

Have a GREAT 3 day weekend!

Don’t forget…. Tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!

picture day

You can send an order form and payment with your child or you can order online at   The Picture Day ID is UM377171Q0.


Spelling List #2

(Long Vowel Sounds, spelled a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e)

  1. wise              11. tire
  2. huge             12. became
  3. case              13. awhile
  4. alone            14. spoke
  5. rise               15. wife
  6. cube             16. drove
  7. fame             17. surprise
  8. beside          18. scale
  9. blame           19. alive
  10. chose            20. invite

Wow…. Time is sure flying by!   flying-clock We are really starting to get a routine going and the days seem to zoom by!

This week we will finish Ch. 1 (Place Value) in math.  We’ve been taking Standard Based Quizzes and I’m pretty excited about how well they are doing!  We’ll take the chapter test on Thursday.

place value   Students…. PLEASE don’t forget to  facts !!

We started our Spelling last week and took our first spelling test on Friday.  We’ll continue to have a new list of words every week.  We’ll work on spelling in class and have a spelling test every Friday.  I will also post our spelling lists each week so students can practice at home as well, if needed.

We are reading personal narratives in our CKLA readers and learning about Sensory Details and Figurative Language.  We will take the next few weeks to write our own personal narratives.

In Science, we will be learning about Utah Environments and the plants and animals that live there.

We’ve also been spending a lot of time setting up our Data Binders.  I can’t wait to get these going so we won’t have to take so much time updating them!

Students completed either the Flash or RLA reading assessments today.  I’m waiting to get the data from our reading specialist so I can create reading groups.  I will notify parents who signed up to help with reading once I have groups ready.

picture day is this Thursday (August 31st)  All students will have his/her picture taken for our class picture, yearbook and PowerSchool.  If you want to order pictures, order form packets were sent home last week.

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, September 4th!                labor day

I think that’s all for now!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!