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Hi!  Sorry I’ve completely slacked off of keeping this blog updated!  I tried really hard at the beginning of the year and then just got so busy!  No excuse….. SORRY!

Here are some important things going on in the next few weeks:

(I hope I am remembering everything!)

TOMORROW 4/29 is the Kite Flight.  Students are bringing home their yellow reading calendars today.  Just fill in the reading times, add them up, sign it and take it to Park Discovery tomorrow between 10:00 and 3:00.  Students get a prize (a free kite, book, etc.) AND the school gets money!  It’s a Win-Win!

5/1 Dance Assembly and Arts Night!  Flyers were sent home.  Please plan to attend!

5/4 Honor’s Field Trip – more info to come!

5/10 End-of-Level Testing Reward – Aquatic Center Field Trip – More info to come!

5/12 Mini Mall

5/15 Video Yearbooks and Yearbooks will be passed out.

5/16 Field Day

5/17 Last Day of School – for North Elementary ONLY

Can’t believe how fast this year has gone and how much faster these last couple of weeks have been going!  I hope I’ve remembered everything.  I will update if I think of any more.  🙂

Thanks and have a great weekend!

We sent home a class list last week, but here is another for those last-minute students who may have lost it.  🙂

20170213145349457 – Ms. Palladino’s List

20170213145410651 – Mr. Carter’s List

20170213145417323 – Mr. Sahagun’s List

We sent this home last week, but wanted to remind students of the Valentine Engineering Project that is due tomorrow.

We will be having a Valentine’s Day party Friday (2/12) afternoon.  Students will have the opportunity to pass out valentine cards to their classmates.  This is not required, but if students bring cards, they must bring one for every member of the class.  There is a class list on the back of this paper.


In addition to our Valentine’s Day party, we will be having a contest.  Each student MUST (as part of his/her homework) design and create a “Valentine container” to collect his/her cards.


The rules:

The container must be easily carried by the student.

It must fit on his/her desk. (It can be taped or stand freely.)

Student’s name must be easily visible.

It must be able to hold all (approx. 30) valentines.



A prize will be given in each class for the most creative and festive container engineered.

Projects are due Friday (2/12) morning.  


We look forward to seeing some great projects!

HAVE FUN WITH THIS PROJECT!  We’ve had AMAZING projects in the past.


~Ms. Palladino and Mr. Carter


We made it back and everyone has been picked up!  It was a great trip!  Thank you to all of the parents who came along!  We appreciate you and couldn’t have done this without you!  I will post pictures tomorrow.

If anyone has some good pictures that they’d like to share, you can email them to me ( and I will put them on here.  🙂

Sorry we got back so much later than planned and sorry the text updates weren’t working for some.

Have a good weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

Stopping for a potty and snack break took a little longer than expected.  But THANK YOU to our wonderful PTA for the snack bags!

We should be back to school by about 8:15.

Just left the Capitol Building and are on our way to Thanksgiving Point. We have had a great trip and still have all of our students.  😉